Bit x Bit split compilation

When one electronic music netlabel called Bitcrusher, and another called Bit-Phalanx find themselves both operating in London, it’s perhaps inevitable that their paths would eventually cross.

After our silent disco at one of Bit-Phalanx’s events we’ve gone a step further with this split-release compilation. Featuring 6 artists from each label it’s an excellent opportunity to check out some new artists and get some more from the ones you know…

usedtobecool – Cherry Spoon by Bitcrusher
Gash – Ninja Mon by Bitcrusher

Track listing:
Jilk – Secret Little Cry
Gash – Ninja Mon
Hot Roddy – 31 to 32
Bek ft. WhiteRatBeat – Music Box
Jash – Chakra Feet
Grave Glitcher – Tropical Heat
Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla – Garry
Professor Edit – Random Access
Petr Passive – Was Machst Du Petr
T-toe – We Don’t Talk Anymore
usedtobecool – Cherry Spoon

Download link!

Posted: January 24th, 2012

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