DJ Direct – Interview & exclusive mix


This month we spoke to Sheffield up & comer DJ Direct about all things music related, as well as touching on his new single Home, out now on Nu Wave Records. On top of that he has made an exclusive mix for us featuring the title track & many more.

Alright DJ Direct, hows it going?

Good man, everything’s going well and I’m enjoying my music at the moment!

For those people that haven’t heard your music, could you explain your sound to us?

My sound is basically just heavy bass-centric music that’s quite bassline influenced. I like to use vocals quite a lot with a lot of garagey type elements. But my stuff is definitely very bassliney still after coming from the 4×4 scene. I’m helping to push this new bass sound along with a few other producers.

There’s been a bit of a resurgence of bassline in the last few years, especially that northern/niche sound as someone from Sheffield what are your thoughts on this?

I’ve been on the frontline of the bassline scene in Sheffield since about 2011. The scene has had its ups and downs but I believe it’s found a new market and audience, the warehouse rave culture in Sheffield has revived the sound to an extent. People like myself, J.G, Off Me Nut, Thorpey, DJ Q, Nastee Boi, Cmac, J69 & others have all been pushing the bassline sound when others wouldn’t. Big up DJ Q for recognising our efforts over the years and supporting on various radio platforms. Shout out to UKFB who did a feature on mine and JGs part in reviving the bassline scene up north.

You’ve worked with Thorpey on a track with Trilla, any more collabs in the pipeline, or any MCs/vocalists you are working with in future?

Me and Thorpey are doing a VIP version of “Only Just Begun” after a ridiculous reception from the bassline heads in Sheffield. Watch out for that! In regards to working with MCs, I’m working on Wobbla 2015 with Asher: that’s in the pipeline & is also a collaboration with Killjoy. Also just in the process of doing an official remix for Charlotte Devaney who is a big vocalist/producer that features Fatman Scoop, so that’s pretty surreal. On top of that I’m doing an official release with her and the Ragga Twins which is super cool. And lastly I’m working on a “Bass” track with Sheff don Kdot. Loads and loads of big stuff kicking off at the minute, keep your eyes peeled!

Along that vein, if you could work with anyone on a track who would it be?

From the UK scene probably the Newham Generals, they’ve got a monopoly on the UK scene and haven’t really touched the new sound. Out of the UK obviously people like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem just because it would be really interesting to hear them on a really exciting bassy UK beat.

Let’s chat a bit about production, tell us about your set up

I make most of the track on Logic Pro X but I start off using Reason 5 and ReDrum. I swear by that drum machine. I then layer stuff in Logic to make it sound fuller and all that. Another piece of software I cannot live without is Massive, it’s a staple of bass music production. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to Massive.

Do you have any advice for young producers starting out?

Just dedicate a lot of your time to music and stay humble and network with people. Bit of a cliché but it’s so true: you get out what you put in. Also don’t get too blinded by what other people say or do. Everyone is comfortable with different stuff and software. It’s also good if you’ve got someone who’s a little wiser who can give you advice, I didn’t have too much but I did have people music orientated people around me.

How did you get into producing/DJing?

When I was around 13/14 I got introduced to DJ Double N’s mix tapes and from then I was hooked on bassline. Luckily I had J.G to show me the ropes on Virtual DJ and then later on with Reason. We were lucky that our school let us use the computers at lunch time to make music. I was absolutely fascinated how you could make music on a computer!

And finally tell us a bit about the new release…

My brand new single entitled “Home” is out now Nu Wave Records. It has already had support from DJ Q , Flava D, TS7, Marcus Nasty and your very own Sub FM show! There is also a massive bassline remix that J.G has done which is available on Soundcloud as a free download. Thanks for talking and enjoy the mix!

You can get hold of a copy of Home here, also below is the exclusive In The Face Mix by the man himself and below that a tracklist and free download of one of the tracks. Don’t say we don’t do anything for ya!


1. PVC – Walking with Rhinos
2. Taiki Nulight – VBD
3. Prizma – War Time
4. Livsey – Switch Up
5. Cause & Affect – Get To The Chopper
6. Bassboy – Press Start
7. Wolfe – Charlie
8. DevelopMENT – Run Di Track
9. Killjoy x Moony – Darker Side
10. Hybrid Theory – 30
11. Dj Direct – Home (Nu Wave Records)
12. PVC – Tonight
13. Cause n Affect x Preditah- Strange Signal
14. Notion – Breathe [2015 Bootleg]

Bonus free track:

Posted: March 14th, 2015

Warlock Interview

Warlock In The Face interview

For those that don’t know Warlock you’ve been missing out! Having DJ’d everywhere for over 20 years, running the legendary Kickin Records during the 90’s and setting up his own Rag and Bone Records (releasing tracks from the likes of Starkey, King Cannibal, Drop The Lime, Kanji Kinetic, Squire of Gothos, Stagga and more) with partner No Yeah No in 2002.

The Rag and Bone show on Sub FM is a constant source of great new music and his “Out On The Lash” mix from 2008 was a massive inspiration with it’s brilliant blend of all things BASS!

You can catch Warlock alongside Rag and Bone regular Stagga at In The Face on Friday!

1- Hey Jason, how’s things?

All good, busy busy

2- We’re really looking forward to having you and Stagga down to play, have you ever played at The Volks before?

No. I’m trying to rack my brains, I’ve had the pleasure of playing many towns and cities up and down the country but I don’t think I’ve actually ever played in Brighton. although many moons ago I did play down the road in Worthing a few times for the legendary Interdance at Sterns.

3- You’ve been involved in Dance music for over 20 years, you’ve got have some great stories! What was you’re favorite gig?

I guess there would be a few. The first ever Tribal Gathering for the sheer size. It was a marquee of 10,000 people and the dj booth was right at the top in what felt like a crows nest right at the top and centre of the arena. Amazing, though it was a bit disconnected.  Unsound for their beach parties with with their rig right on the sand pretty much at the waters edge, and non stop for 10 days. I had some very memorable sets there. The Cross Club in Prague because its interior was completely refurbished from various bits of recycled machinery and metal. Couldn’t be better as a Rag & Bone setting. It was like some kind of H R Geiger labrynthian womb. Talking of Labrynths, I guess in general I feel really honoured to have lived through the days of UK Rave Hardcore (and Acid house just about) and actually been there and been part of it. Playing places like Labrynth, Knowledge or on occasion for Spiral Tribe, all such great times. And I’m just as equally positive about the places I play today. Thoroughly enjoying being part of London Borough Of Bass and currently making plans for the next one.

4- Rag and Bone has been a constant source of interesting new music, you seem to pick artists that are relatively unheard of at the time. Has this always been a conscious decision?

Kind of. The music policy is generally of one where we try to find new and genre defying music, music that is on the frontier of new ideas, and this often (but not always) seems to come from new emerging artists that are trying to do something different to the established norm. It’s that kind of music that always excites me the most.  Its great to always think that in a few years time they’ll be yet another genre or style of music I would never have thought would come into being. I dread the day not being excited by new music, I’m pretty confident that’s not gonna happen though. We’re never against more established artists releasing with us, but in retrospect its quite rewarding seeing artists that have made their debut release with us go on to make big strides in their careers.

5- You seem to be getting a lot more music together recently, we’re particularly liking your “Space Junk” EP that’s coming soon on Rag and Bone! Can you tell us a little about your studio set up?

I’ve got the studio up and running again. The label has taken over during the last few years and it takes a lot of time and energy to make releases happen particualrly the CD albums we did last year. All this running the label has taken up the time I would have been in the studio, so I’ve taken a bit of a back seat recently to the label and got my head down in the studio. After it all, it was how the label started up so it will be nice to pepper the catalogue with some of my own productions again. Studio wise, I’m Working with Logic, and a few classic Roland synths such as the Roland 09 and the Sequential Circuits 6 Trak which is just amazing. Good for weird analog sounds and was used for a lot of the early Dr Who sounds. I’m really fortunate that the studio space I’m using used to be a mastering suite and so the room has been perfectly acoustically treated and still has the original B&W speakers which are so mighty yet have so much clarity, you hear everything. Its also got a lush Roland System 100 which I’ve been experimenting with too.

6- Anything you want to tell our readers?

Just that the future’s bright. Haha, but no seriously its never been a more exciting time for music, everything is out there on the digital frontier, amazing technology at your disposal, an internet teeming with new ideas, tonnes of music and so many new ways to connect and promote your music. And it really doesn’t matter how you play or make your music it’s all about good music. Always has been, always will be. Oh and talking of which I’ve got a new EP out called Space Junk. Right I’ll shut up. 

Warlock – Space Junk by ragandbone . Right I’ll shut up.

Posted: February 22nd, 2012

Double Oh No Interview and Mix


In The Face caught up with Seattle’s Double Oh No for a chat and he’s kindly put a mix together for us too…

We first became aware of Double Oh No last year (around the time we started In The Face) when his Wut I am tune popped up on Soundcloud and have been following him ever since.

In that time he’s set up Bass Hound Records, a net-label that’s been going from strength to strength with releases from everyone from Figure to Kanji Kinetic and everything inbetween.

We caught up with Bryce for a chat about the label and his tunes, he’s also kindly recorded a mix for us which is the fourth in our series (link below the interview).

Hey Bryce how’s it going? You’ve been real busy lately, what’s been happening for Double Oh No and Bass Hound?

Everything’s going well! I’ve just been trying to keep busy with music and really push the sounds I’m digging on. It’s a banner month for me right now as I’ve got 3 EPs dropping within August – one on Phantom Hertz, a great label out of Portland pushing some great dubstep, one on Bass Hound, and one on Pirate Soundsystem’s Heavy Warper imprint. All 3 EPs are really different sounding and I’m proud of each one. As far as Bass Hound goes, things are great! Treats Vol. 1 has been very successful sales-wise and we have some amazing releases coming up with tunes by Neo1, Rrritalin, Surpass, Simtek, Tony Rocky Horror and loads of other amazing producers.

We’ve had your mix on a lot and it’s wicked, loving the the stuff for Heavy Warper! How did the connection with Pirate Soundsystem come about?

Thanks. I’ve been in contact with Pirate Soundsystem for a while – about a year ago we were going to collaborate on a tune together but schedules ended up getting in the way. Once I had these tunes wrapped I thought they’d be a great fit for Heavy Warper and luckily they felt the same way! I’m really excited about this EP; it’s unlike anything else I’ve released so far and the remixes are stunning.

Bass Hound has just had it’s first paid for release and it’s been going well. Why the switch from free releases?

Yeah, Treats has been doing great! I’d like to reinforce that we aren’t switching to paid releases. While a new compilation will pop up once in awhile, there will still be free releases every month. The idea with the Treats compilations is to help raise some money for the artists on Bass Hound – it takes a lot out of all of the producers that work for free all the time, and I wanted to try and give something back. 90% of the proceeds go straight to the artists, with the rest helping to pay for mastering, artwork, and promotions.

You’ve been playing a lot across the US, any plans to come to the UK? (We’d love to have you at an In The Face!)

I’d love to come over for sure, I’m trying to get there in early 2012! I’ve been working on it with my agent and some contacts I have and it’s slowly coming together. If anyone out there is interested please contact Erica at and she’ll help you out :)

What’s your studio set up like and what’s the one bit of kit that you couldn’t live without?

It’s pretty simple really – just a computer, an M-Audio firewire box, two Mackie Tapco monitors, and a MIDI controller. I work in FL Studio and Cubase 5 with synths like NI Massive and Rob Papen’s Predator. I’d have to say I currently can’t live without my new desktop computer – up until April of this year I was producing on a 10 year old computer with a half gig of ram!

The strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Oh man – one time during a school presentation I was handed some deep fried salted grasshoppers. Definitely not the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but for sure the strangest.

What do you get up to other than music stuff?

I’m a huge film and TV nerd. I go to the movies once a week on average and I follow a good 5 TV shows during any given season. I’m 100% addicted to Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie, Game Of Thrones (just started this one a little late), and Children’s Hospital right now. Other than that I work full time and continue to work my way through college – not too exciting but it’s what I have to do!

Thanks for chatting to us, anything else you wanna tell people reading?

Anytime :) I’d love to tell everyone to check out my soundcloud ( and to follow Bass Hound Records ( for some big things coming up, and to please keep supporting bass music in whatever way you can! Keep an eye on Off Me Nut Records, Mutant Bass Records, and Maltine records as well for some more amazing free releases from top notch artists.”

1-Neo1 – Destination (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo]
2-Double Oh No – Something To Dance To (Pirate Soundsystem Remix) [Heavy Warper]
3-Submerse – Railgun [Dub]
4-Phatworld – Any Bozo [Off Me Nut]
5-Double Oh No – Ice Cream Social [Mutant Bass]
6-Double Oh No – Seattle Slang [Snatchy Trax]
7-Submerse – Shukka [Party Like Us]
8-The Squire of Gothos – Til Da Mornin [Rag & Bone]
9-Funky House Crew – House Music (Safe P Remix) [B-Limited]
10-Cahill – In Case I Fall (Mike Delinquent Remix) [3beat]
11-Toddla T – Take It Back (DJ Q Remix) [Ninja Tune]
12-Double Oh No – Lim Dreams (Rebello Remix) [Heavy Warper]
13-Star Eyes – White Gloves [Trouble & Bass]

Posted: August 21st, 2011

Dankle interview and mix!


We caught up with Dankle ahead of his gig for us at our first birthday this Friday. Dankle co-runs Off Me Nut Records with Squire of Gothos and we’ve got a new mix from him for you too!

“ITF: Hey Mikey, hows things?

Dankle: ez matt!! things are good. just waiting for car to be fixed so we can drive down to brighton!!!

ITF: Tell us about Off Me Nut, what was your motivation for starting it and the idea behind it?

Dankle: off me nut was started as an outlet for ours and us mates music, nowt serious just a bit of laff, summat to do…. We are just motivated to stay on the grind!!

ITF: There seems to be a really good DIY vibe with what you guys are doing up in Sheffield, is it intentional or more necessity?

Dankle: Diy vibes all the way!! we aren’t serious guys….

ITF: Off Me Nut is about to hit it’s 50th release, you got anything special planned?

Dankle: 50th release is hopefully gonna be a 50 track e.p with all tunes being 1min or under. just waiting to organise e.p number 49 and collect enough tracks.
so if anyone wants to send us sum through get involved!!

ITF: Can you select a few choice EPs from the OMN catalogue for people to check out if they don’t know any of the labels stuff?

Dankle: catman e.p is prob best release. i also rate the parlimentalist – coalition turdstep also!! anything by droid…

ITF: Tell us about your own productions, they seem to be going from strength to strength!

Dankle: cheers……been working a lot with Tich from S.O.G at the moment, got sum phat stuff on the way with that. prob going to be our next release…..

ITF: Have you ever played in Brighton?

Dankle: ive never even been to brighton before. canni wait!

ITF: When you’re not writting tunes/djing/running the label what do you get up to?

Dankle: when im not doing shit to do with tunes or the label i am sadly at work….. :(

Dankle also prepared this mix for us, it’s the third in the In The Face series and full of absolute bangers!

1. Dankle – Next Fleckz
2. Dankle – Wat I Mean feat. KB
3. Dankle – Ruff Majic
4. Sticky Disco – Mama Draga (Dankle & S.o.g mindmash)
5. Simtek – Big Bam Boo (Dankle & Squire remix)
6. N/a – Any Bozo ft. Dubzee
7. Moova – HeatUp!
8. Dankle – Isabigting
9. Dankle- Special Beast (Ket Dungeon)
10. N/A – quik ting still.

Posted: June 2nd, 2011

In The Face interviews Kanji Kinetic


We caught up with Kanji ahead of his set at In The Face, this guy’s someone we’ve wanted to get down since we started

Hiya mate, how ya doing?

All good thanks! Been ultra busy with various projects and remixes so really looking forward to getting down to Brighton and smashing it out!

For those people that haven’t heard your music, could you explain your sound to us?

It’s a mix of underground dance genres aimed firmly at the dancefloor, there’s elements of techno, bassline, dubstep, oldskool hardcore, garage, drum & bass… anything full-on to hype up the crowd!

You have a very unique style! What’s influenced you, do you try to sound different, or does it just come out that way?

I’m not really into making music in one particular genre so I just make tunes that I’d want to hear on the dancefloor! I used to be really into the hardest of dnb and technical metal, but also want to bring back the vibe of the free parties in the UK in the early 90s. I was too young to go but I’m trying to recreate my idea of what it was like!

You’ve just started another label (you already run Electrostimulation with Z-Kat) Mutant Bass Recordings, which is all free to download. What’s the idea behind it and what can we expect from future releases?

I’m trying to give more exposure to this hybrid bass sound cause I think there’s a lot of potential for it to blow up! There are a lot of great upcoming artists starting to get shows all over the place and I want to give them a platform for more people to hear them. And offering them up for free download is the best way to get them to as many people as possible!

Which producers/djs are you rating at the moment?

The Off Me Nut crew from Sheffield, UK are really taking off right now which is great. They have a proper DIY vibe and also run a free netlabel, the main artists like Squire of Gothos, Dankle, Moova and Droid have plenty of free stuff up for download and always bring the rave. Other artists I’m really into right now include Rrritalin, Submerse, Lenkemz, Simtek, The McMash Clan, Double Oh No, Figure and Michael Forshaw.

You’ve played in Brighton before. How have you found it?

The last time I played at the Volks was for a Wrong Music night and it was sick! The crowd were totally into it and I can’t wait to come back!

2010 was a big year for you, what can we expect for 2011?

A lot! I’m working on a lot of new material in different tempos at the moment for a few different labels. I also have a few remixes on the go and I’m working on an all-new live set that should be more hectic than ever.

Aside from writing dancefloor bangers, djing and running two labels. What else do you get up to?

I have a bunch of projects in the works at the moment, I’m finishing up my first video game soundtrack which is something I’ve always wanted to get into. I’m also working on a sample pack which should be available later this year.

Thanks for the interview, looking forward to your set on friday…

Check out Kanji’s labels, and and come see him on Friday, more info below….

Posted: February 24th, 2011

Latest from us

In The Face @ Bangface Weekender 2015


In The Face crew playing at Bangface 100!

This years Weekender gets back to it’s routes with the old-skool chalets, pontins vibes and prison camp charm.

Checkout the full mega lineup and get your tickets over at:

20th – 22nd March. Not to be missed!

PS. We’re playing on the Friday night…

Soundclash – Fri 30th Jan


Room 1:
– Kanji Kinetic (ITF)
– Katch Pyro (Erisian)
– Deadbeat (ITF)
– C3B (Erisian)
– Audio Gutter (ITF)
– Fucknose (Erisian + ITF!)
– General Waste (Erisian)
– Gash (ITF)
– Test Tube Rabies (Erisian)
– Simtek (ITF)
– Robert MuGabba & Idi Amen (Erisian)
– OOK (Erisian)
– L Mutant (Erisian)

Room 2:
Jungle Alliance Vs Originate