Double Oh No Interview and Mix

In The Face caught up with Seattle’s Double Oh No for a chat and he’s kindly put a mix together for us too…

We first became aware of Double Oh No last year (around the time we started In The Face) when his Wut I am tune popped up on Soundcloud and have been following him ever since.

In that time he’s set up Bass Hound Records, a net-label that’s been going from strength to strength with releases from everyone from Figure to Kanji Kinetic and everything inbetween.

We caught up with Bryce for a chat about the label and his tunes, he’s also kindly recorded a mix for us which is the fourth in our series (link below the interview).

Hey Bryce how’s it going? You’ve been real busy lately, what’s been happening for Double Oh No and Bass Hound?

Everything’s going well! I’ve just been trying to keep busy with music and really push the sounds I’m digging on. It’s a banner month for me right now as I’ve got 3 EPs dropping within August – one on Phantom Hertz, a great label out of Portland pushing some great dubstep, one on Bass Hound, and one on Pirate Soundsystem’s Heavy Warper imprint. All 3 EPs are really different sounding and I’m proud of each one. As far as Bass Hound goes, things are great! Treats Vol. 1 has been very successful sales-wise and we have some amazing releases coming up with tunes by Neo1, Rrritalin, Surpass, Simtek, Tony Rocky Horror and loads of other amazing producers.

We’ve had your mix on a lot and it’s wicked, loving the the stuff for Heavy Warper! How did the connection with Pirate Soundsystem come about?

Thanks. I’ve been in contact with Pirate Soundsystem for a while – about a year ago we were going to collaborate on a tune together but schedules ended up getting in the way. Once I had these tunes wrapped I thought they’d be a great fit for Heavy Warper and luckily they felt the same way! I’m really excited about this EP; it’s unlike anything else I’ve released so far and the remixes are stunning.

Bass Hound has just had it’s first paid for release and it’s been going well. Why the switch from free releases?

Yeah, Treats has been doing great! I’d like to reinforce that we aren’t switching to paid releases. While a new compilation will pop up once in awhile, there will still be free releases every month. The idea with the Treats compilations is to help raise some money for the artists on Bass Hound – it takes a lot out of all of the producers that work for free all the time, and I wanted to try and give something back. 90% of the proceeds go straight to the artists, with the rest helping to pay for mastering, artwork, and promotions.

You’ve been playing a lot across the US, any plans to come to the UK? (We’d love to have you at an In The Face!)

I’d love to come over for sure, I’m trying to get there in early 2012! I’ve been working on it with my agent and some contacts I have and it’s slowly coming together. If anyone out there is interested please contact Erica at and she’ll help you out 🙂

What’s your studio set up like and what’s the one bit of kit that you couldn’t live without?

It’s pretty simple really – just a computer, an M-Audio firewire box, two Mackie Tapco monitors, and a MIDI controller. I work in FL Studio and Cubase 5 with synths like NI Massive and Rob Papen’s Predator. I’d have to say I currently can’t live without my new desktop computer – up until April of this year I was producing on a 10 year old computer with a half gig of ram!

The strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Oh man – one time during a school presentation I was handed some deep fried salted grasshoppers. Definitely not the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but for sure the strangest.

What do you get up to other than music stuff?

I’m a huge film and TV nerd. I go to the movies once a week on average and I follow a good 5 TV shows during any given season. I’m 100% addicted to Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louie, Game Of Thrones (just started this one a little late), and Children’s Hospital right now. Other than that I work full time and continue to work my way through college – not too exciting but it’s what I have to do!

Thanks for chatting to us, anything else you wanna tell people reading?

Anytime 🙂 I’d love to tell everyone to check out my soundcloud ( and to follow Bass Hound Records ( for some big things coming up, and to please keep supporting bass music in whatever way you can! Keep an eye on Off Me Nut Records, Mutant Bass Records, and Maltine records as well for some more amazing free releases from top notch artists.”

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&player_type=tiny&font=Arial&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”18″ ]

1-Neo1 – Destination (Double Oh No Remix) [Atomic Zoo]
2-Double Oh No – Something To Dance To (Pirate Soundsystem Remix) [Heavy Warper]
3-Submerse – Railgun [Dub]
4-Phatworld – Any Bozo [Off Me Nut]
5-Double Oh No – Ice Cream Social [Mutant Bass]
6-Double Oh No – Seattle Slang [Snatchy Trax]
7-Submerse – Shukka [Party Like Us]
8-The Squire of Gothos – Til Da Mornin [Rag & Bone]
9-Funky House Crew – House Music (Safe P Remix) [B-Limited]
10-Cahill – In Case I Fall (Mike Delinquent Remix) [3beat]
11-Toddla T – Take It Back (DJ Q Remix) [Ninja Tune]
12-Double Oh No – Lim Dreams (Rebello Remix) [Heavy Warper]
13-Star Eyes – White Gloves [Trouble & Bass]

Posted: August 21st, 2011

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