Mumdance – Different Circles Mixtape

Featuring all new and original productions from Mumdance, blending everything from B-More to Calypso this mixtape is a good taste of what’s to come with tracks out on Trouble & Bass and Mad Decent among others. With vocals from Jammer, Trim and a whole host of others plus collabs with artists like AC Slater & Drums of Death this is a good showcase of what’s to come from the man this year.

Mumdance – Different Circles Mixtape – 17 Mumdance Tracks in a 37 Minute Mix by mumdance


01 Mumdance – Smasher (Mad Decent)
02 Mumdance – Unnamed Instrumental
03 Mumdance ft Trim – I’ve Got This (No Hats No Hoods)
04 Mumdance ft Esser – Dont Forget Me Now (Mad Decent)
05 Mumdance – End Sequence
06 Mumdance & Toy Selectah – Ani (Mad Decent)
07 Mums of Death (Mumdance & Drums of Death) – Golden Axe
08 Mumdance & Toy Selectah – Vampiro
09 Mumdance – Kerplunk Part Two
10 Mumdance ft Badness – Sacrifice (Mad Decent)
11 Mumdance – Kerplunk Part One (Mad Decent)
12 Wookie – Battle (Mumdance Cover ft Esser) (Bootleg)
13 Mumdance ft Mc Sparks & Kie – So Squalid
14 Mumdance ft Trim & Jammer – Tarahhhhtid (No Hats No Hoods)
15 Mumdance – Unnamed Instrumental
16 Jammer ft Boy Better Know – 10 Man Roll (Produced by Mumdance, Shortstuff & Brackles) (Big Dada)
17 Mumdance & Ac Slater – Transatlantic Riddim (Trouble & Bass)

Posted: June 13th, 2012

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