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Digg 14 – Shovel EP

Full length compilation from the Diggin’ It Records boys, with 10 tracks of wobbly bassline from the likes of Thorpey, Yeahhbuzz, our resident production master Simtek and of course the Digga crew (plus a hardtek/breakcore mashup from Raggamortis). Free (or donations) and worth every penny 😉
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Erisian 000 Compilation

For those who like their music hard and fast comes the debut compilation from Erisian Records. Featuring 9 tracks of hardtek jungle and breakcore (from the likes of Senor Scram, Otaku and our very own Gash) this isn’t for the fainthearted. Big release and it’s pay what you like!
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In The Face Label Launch

After a summer hiatus ITF is back with an allstar lineup celebrating the launch of our label.

Room 1 // Kanji, Krissi B, Heapy, Audiogutter, the ITF crew + special guest Tich.
Room 2 // Audiobean & Don’t Panic

Check the Facebook event page for full info.

Hyperchord – Down In The Gutter EP

Mutant Bass Records are back with another genre-pushing release from Hyperchord, with a remix from our resident wunderkind Hadean. Combining techno breakbeat and bassline to ear-pleasing effect, Hyperchords originals are good, but for my money Hadeans remix is the real killer on this release- incredibly heavy kicks and a rolling bassline=win!
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Releases blog

LiL TExAS – Talking 2 U

Local lads Donky Pitch come at us with another unique and inventive release in the form of Talkin 2 U. Combining juke, disco, trap and much more, we honestly haven’t heard anything quite like it, and we like it! Cut up vocals are combined with 808 drums and shimmering arpeggiated synths to create a soulful yet strangely rhythmic EP reminiscent of some of Rustie’s work. Available either as a digital download or on limited edition cassette.
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Sarantis – Electric City

This album is some serious upfront bass music, taking influence from many styles including juke, grime and even Bollywood soundtracks. Featuring some excellent vocals from the likes of Parly B and M.I.K. as well as instrumental tracks like the heavy marriage of dubstep and juke that is You’re Not Going Anywhere, this album has little filler, and brings Sarantis’ vision of a futuristic dystopian cityscape to life.
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Hostage – How We Go Down EP

Hostage takes us in a slightly different direction for this release, signified by the wonky techno of title track ‘How We Go Down’ with its gritty bass and catchy vocal hook. The rest of the EP combines techno and bass to varying degrees of success, though it is nice to see Hostage trying out some new styles.
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Chip Butty Records – Four EP

As the name suggests, four tracks, each one from a different producer, ranging from the dark 2-step stylings of opener Void to the all out bassline of Dr Cryptic’s Don’t Wait. That tune and Chicago 6am, a bass heavy roller from Deadbeat are the standout tracks of the EP, and at £1 a track it’s a steal.
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Mixes blog

Nastynasty – Lazerbrain

A cheeky little mix from Brooklyn-based artist NastyNasty, featuring mainly his own productions. The title is apt, lazer sounds galore, lots of glitch-wonk-trap-whatever new genre they invent for this kind of music…definitely worth a listen though!
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Slipz n dapz 4×4 mix new

A very niche bassline influenced mix from Slipz n Dapz, 4×4 with a twist. These guys have remixed Aquasky and worked with vocalists such as Spyda on their track Babylon. I believe this is a mix from ’09 but as its just gone up on Soundcloud I thought I’d stick it up. Oh and as a bonus here’s a free EP from them at
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