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In The Face Label Launch

After a summer hiatus ITF is back with an allstar lineup celebrating the launch of our label.

Room 1 // Kanji, Krissi B, Heapy, Audiogutter, the ITF crew + special guest Tich.
Room 2 // Audiobean & Don’t Panic

Check the Facebook event page for full info.

Hyperchord – Down In The Gutter EP

Mutant Bass Records are back with another genre-pushing release from Hyperchord, with a remix from our resident wunderkind Hadean. Combining techno breakbeat and bassline to ear-pleasing effect, Hyperchords originals are good, but for my money Hadeans remix is the real killer on this release- incredibly heavy kicks and a rolling bassline=win!
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Gash – Mix For Hadean (Sub FM)

New mix from our resident DJ and producer Gash, for Hadeans Sub FM show. Gash flexes his producing muscles for this one, with a tracklist comprising of almost entirely his own productions/remixes. Flowing from moombah to mutant bass & juke territory, this mix showcases his original takes on these genres.
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Releases blog

Chip Butty Records – Four EP

As the name suggests, four tracks, each one from a different producer, ranging from the dark 2-step stylings of opener Void to the all out bassline of Dr Cryptic’s Don’t Wait. That tune and Chicago 6am, a bass heavy roller from Deadbeat are the standout tracks of the EP, and at £1 a track it’s a steal.
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Mr Loco – I’m From Bristol EP

This EP from Bristol newcomer Mr Loco captures you instantly, with a heavy breaks style beat and some serious supersonic bass, plus that catchy vocal from Buggsy (I’m from Bristol but I’m not gert like…) doesn’t hurt either. That and the Outkast mashup are definitely the strongest tracks, and as it’s a donation release we aren’t complaining, in fact quite the opposite!
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Lenkemz – Flo

You wait for a bus for ages…then two come along at once! Which is what has happened with Lenkemz recently…first his excellent EP on Senseless, and now this. Full of 808 subs and drums, plus repetitive vocals this track has a definitely juke influence but goes beyond the traditional sound. Very pumping, upfront, and free!
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Dubz BD2 – Kno Tha Levelz EP

Niche bassline is a bit of a funny genre. On the one hand there’s a lot of terrible, pseudo-garage with awful, pitched up female vocals over the top. And on the other hand there’s music like this. Dubz BD2 gives us dirty basslines, yet still with a funky, garagey beat. Great tunes to drop into your sets or skank to, and as a bonus the EP is a free download.
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Vomit Yeltsin – Knepbe LP

What do you get when you cross rave, breakcore, bassline and a crazy Russian? Vomit Yeltsin of course! With track titles like ‘In Love With Lenin’s Moustache’ and remix duties from the likes of Yeahhbuzz, what’s not to love? This debut LP combines heavy basslines, breakbeats and cheesy rave samples very effectively & is out now on Bass Hound Records.
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Mixes blog

Bird Peterson – Drankenstein 3

The new Bird Peterson Drank mix series, plus an album’s worth of singles from it, all for free! If you liked the last two you’ll love this, not much has changed, still a crunk-hop-trance-step mashup combining dirty south rap and silly 90’s trance melodies with a dubstep beat. It should’t work. It does.
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Warlock – Hazardous Juke Mix

The new mix from Rag & Bone label boss Warlock showcasing some of the 160bpm tunes he’s been including in his sets of late. This mix really shows how producers outside the Chicago scene have taken this sound and twisted it into something new. Lots of sub bass on this so definitely one for a decent set of speakers!
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Tennis Rodman – Death Of Slime

Calling his music Slimepunk, which tbh doesn’t really mean much but does sound pretty cool, really this mix speaks for itself. Clocking in at just 15 minutes it’s a mix for the modern generation, and tennis says ‘ its a mix of buck trax (krumping music), slowed sigh trance, glitchop from around 2009, and bay area bass musik’ with added ‘samples all throughout the tape to make it moar sludgie’. Nice!
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