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Gash – Beyond Juke Mix

A new mix from our resident Gash, who showcases his love of juke music. Mainly focusing on how the genre has progressed, with artists taking the traditional Chicago sound and making it their own. Lots of sub bass…good speakers are a must!
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Audiobean Weakender

Audiobean are holding a weekend long rave! Come along and experience the full In The Face treatment alongside other great acts like The Parlimentalist and Santisma. While Olympian in it’s length it won’t leave you short changed as it only costs a tenner to get in. Bargain.

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Lenkemz – ‘I’

Lenkemz has been hot tipped for big things for a while now (re: his forthcoming Mad Decent debut), and his latest release on Senseless Records cements this belief even further. Opener Forcefieldz is an insane affair, with bassline, dancehall & juke combined in a way that he is becoming celebrated for. Get it while it’s hot for just £2.50
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Crab Hands – Top Crab EP

Welcome to the mental world of Crab Hands. You’re in now, so there’s no way out. Opener Crab People is an absolutely mental underground dance anthem, and with a slew of great remixes ranging from bouncey (Phatworld) to speaker melting (Yeahhbuzz‘s aptly named Pope Destroyer remix) there’s no good reason to not pick up this EP. Oh and its free.
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Thorpey – Acid Trek EP

The latest release from Mutant Bass Records (it’s been a while!) and debut EP on this label for Sheffield based Thorpey. Standout track for me is Got To Have Love, an absolute dancefloor smasher courtesy of Thorpey and Heapy, which blends acid, basslines and breakbeats impeccably. Also excellent is the JAKAZiD remix, which morphs this tune into a wonky breakbeat banger. Tbh the whole EP is pure fire, no reason not to pick it up as it’s a free/donation based download.
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3D!T/Quaver – Neck Romance

Some lovely wonky goodness from Horror Boogie, with 4 cuts from 2 artists: both 3D!T and Quaver bring the wonk and wobbley styles fit for any party. As a fellow independent vinyl label, we have a lot of love for these guys. Support them by ordering this release from for just £5 plus p&p.

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Mixes blog

Machinedrum – Mixmag MOTW

A new mix from one half of Sepalcure, Machinedrum, blending together footwork and jungle in a very inventive way. Includes some tasty exclusives from those pushing the genre, Mark Pritchard, Traxman et al..
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Bird Peterson – Drankenstein Live

These have been a real guilty pleasure for me, and things don’t let up for Drankenstein Live, including songs from Drankenstein 1 and 2 and also a load of new ones, the combination of crunk, trance and dubstep oddly still excites!
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