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Web Aid

A very worthy cause, a $5 compilation of various artists (including the excellent Udachi) which goes to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Not all bass heavy tracks (thought their are a fair few) but a variety of bands and electronica. Definitely worth it, and goes to a good cause!
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DKY001-005: From Donky Stomp to LongLiveSwag

Local lads Donky Pitch have had a great few years as a label, and this release celebrates their first 5 releases, all for a bargain price of £8! For anyone who likes their dubstep & hip-hop synth based and squelchy, this is where its at. From the first classic Donky Stomp by the infamous Slugabed, right to DKY005 by Keyboard Kid 206, this release is all killer, no filler.
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Kanji Kinetic: Mutant Masters Mix

Our very own master of mutant bass Kanji Kinetic has delivered another mix of typically mutated basslines and warped rhythms.
Packed full of dubs and exclusives and featuring some of Kanji’s forthcoming releases and collaborations, the mix is typical Kanji Kinetic.
Full track list & audio after the jump….
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