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Wit!? – Live @ In The Face

Wit!? takes us through pretty much every genre ever on his mix recorded live at the last In The Face. From pop mashups through bassline, dubstep techno drum & bass hardcore donk and more. Somehow this frenetic style works perfectly, and will have you up & dancing like a loon in no time.

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Sub FM: In The Face Crew Takeover

In The Face Crew take over the nets biggest radio station for dubstep, garage & bass music Sub FM for 2 whole hours as Hadean’s regular Bi-Monthly slot is joined by Gash and Deadbeat. Playing everything from jackin’ house, bassline, garage and mutant bass, and with a whole heap of exclusive tunes this is a show worth listening to!
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Hostage – In The Face Mix #009

Scottish bass maestro Hostage provides us with an exclusive mix of, well, exclusives! On a slightly different, more rave inspired tip than his regular monthly mixes, this glides nicely between the bassier end of house, bassline & techno and even ends with an old skool classic from Krome & Time. No tracklist so if you want to know the tunes you’ll have to ask the man himself. You can catch Hostage headlining In The Face in Brighton on November 22nd.
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Deadbeat – What I Need EP

In The Face resident and newest Crew member Deadbeat drops one of the biggest bassline tunes of the year, topping the Juno charts for weeks: we are proud to have him as one of our roster of artists/DJ’s. This tune effortlessly blends garage and bassline, with a seriously catchy vocal hook over the rumbling bass, he certainly does have what we want. Remixes from Chip Butty label boss Dr Cryptic (who makes it slightly grittier) and Mr Dubz (turns it into a 4×4 stomper), among others, makes this EP an essential purchase for us at In The Face.
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V/A – The Ruin EP

A seriously solid first effort from Under The Surface Records, whose owner Audiogutter provides us with 5 free tracks of dark electro house, mutant bassline and breakbeat. Makes You Feel by Swedger is one of the strongest tracks on the release with low bass warbling over a broken beat before becoming more 4 to the floor. Overall this is a decent intro to what will hopefully become a flourishing label in 2014.
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Booty Call UNLMTD Vol 1

A great and totally free album from the aptly titled Booty Call Records. 13 tracks to make your booty clap: from booty bass, jersey club and juke, you can expect lots of tasty 808 noises and some serious sub. Highlights include the excellent sampling of an abrasive Lil Jon shout, DJ Sega’s mental Birthday Booty Clap and some interesting tunes from some of the scene’s pioneers: DJ Godfather & DJ Funk. Download it free here.
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Off Me Nut Records – Tunes For Charity

We like to think this site supports and promotes the music we love & the music we make, hopefully introducing people to decent tunes they may not have heard before. This release among many others is definitely one worth supporting and paying for, as all benefits go to the victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster. 16 tracks for a minimum donation of a fiver is a steal anyway, especially as the quality is very high with some real bangers like Deadbeat’s rude bassline roller Killer Whale, Audiogutter’s mutant-electro stomper Off Your Head and Thorpey’s mental mashup of Cornershop: Brimful of Gabba. Excellent tunes for an excellent cause.
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Mad Decent – A Very Decent Christmas

Trap as a genre can be somewhat hit and miss, though planted firmly in the hit side of things is novelty Christmas trap. We like nothing more than artists with a sense of humour, with the ability to poke fun at yourself and the genre(s) of music you make, and this release is full of bass heavy xmas cheer. Opener Tun Up Ye Merry Gentlemen and Diplo’s own effort Frosty Bounce definitely showcase the mashup of these styles well, pick up a copy at any online retailer, and as a bonus you can get DJ Snakes Bird Machine (jingle bells version) for free here.
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Lenkemz – Can’t See U EP

The opener of this EP starts out as a fairly standard grime affair, with some decent bars from Brummie rapper Slick Don over the top of a pounding bass rhythm, though it’s the next part of the tune where we really see Lenkemz productions step up a notch, signified by Slicks appropriate “Yo Lenkemz, run that”. Closer Came Here 2 Beat is our other favourite track, a rolling bassline number, making this a solid release overall. Out now and topping the Juno Charts!
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