Sample Junkie - Blood Simple

Sample Junkie – Blood Simple


Combining elements of rave & grime with the bassline sound, and harking back to artists like Kanji Kinetic, Sample Junkies originals go in hard, with title track Blood Simple pairing a catchy vocal hook with some seriously heavy mutant bass. Hungry follows a similar vein with its higher wobbles & pumping drums. The mega collab with label boss Gash & hardcore legend Jakazid hybrids bassline & breakbeat for great effect with the second drop tearing up the dance. Krissi B takes Blood Simple and makes it more hyper, twisting the vocal up and adding in some tearout bass sounds. Audiogutters remix of Blood Simple takes it in new directions with a dark intro leading into some neurofunk style bass, all with a 4×4 kickdrum pounding underneath. Finally Thorpey rounds off the release with a melodic intro on his remix of Hungry before smacking you in the face with a screeching 4×4 midrange pounder.

Sample Junkie

1. Blood Simple
2. Hungry
3. Sample Junkie, Jakazid & Gash – Killakilla
4. Blood Simple (Krissi B remix)
5. Hungry (Thorpey remix
6. Blood Simple (AudioGutter remix)

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Simtek - Furry Muff

Simtek – Furry Muff EP


Our second release comes from our resident Simtek. Bouncy summery vibes aplenty from the opener “Masking Tape” which Thorpey manages to make even bouncier on the remix! Plus the bonkers “Clangers ‘n’ Hash” with its crazy breaks and switch ups, on the remix for this a grimey roller from Esquire and an all-out teeth-grinder from Yeahhbuzz!

Download the whole release now directly from us in FLAC & MP3 format.

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01. Masking Tape
02. Clangers ‘n’ Hash
03. Masking Tape (Thorpey Remix)
04. Clangers ‘n’ Hash (Esquire Remix)
05. Clangers ‘n’ Hash (Yeahhbuzz’s Orphanage Obliteration Remix)

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Kanji Kinetic & Co - Assimilate

Kanji Kinetic & Co – Assimilate


Our first release is a stunning bit of work that we’re proud to put our name to. It opens up with the epic intro of Evil Ends, full of hard hitting beats and chunky bass. Next up is Keep Ya Hype with it’s impeccable production and that catchy vocal hook. Then you’ve got the ever changing Kick The Bass, with upfront hoovers, a high female vocal and breakbeats reminiscent of 90’s rave welded together with modern midrange bass noises. Closing things off the final track Work It Out launches with a cheeky garage swung beat before dropping into an even tastier foot tapping bassline.
Throughout every track is exquisitely written teeth grinding material that just begs to be played time and time again.

Released on lacquer cut, professionally mastered vinyl.

Also available to download now directly from us. Just £3 for all 4 tracks in FLAC and MP3 format, including embedded artwork and DJ ready for recent versions of Traktor & Ableton. Also available from other digital distributors like Juno Download.

Kanji Kinetic & Co

01. Kanji Kinetic feat. Audiogutter – Evil Ends
02. Kanji Kinetic & Heapy – Keep ya Hype
03. Kanji Kinetic, Hadean & Krissi B – Kick The Bass
04. Kanji Kinetic – Work It Out

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In The Face @ Bangface Weekender 2015

In The Face crew playing at Bangface 100!

This years Weekender gets back to it’s routes with the old-skool chalets, pontins vibes and prison camp charm.

Checkout the full mega lineup and get your tickets over at:

20th – 22nd March. Not to be missed!

PS. We’re playing on the Friday night…

Soundclash – Fri 30th Jan

Room 1:
– Kanji Kinetic (ITF)
– Katch Pyro (Erisian)
– Deadbeat (ITF)
– C3B (Erisian)
– Audio Gutter (ITF)
– Fucknose (Erisian + ITF!)
– General Waste (Erisian)
– Gash (ITF)
– Test Tube Rabies (Erisian)
– Simtek (ITF)
– Robert MuGabba & Idi Amen (Erisian)
– OOK (Erisian)
– L Mutant (Erisian)

Room 2:
Jungle Alliance Vs Originate