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Mischief Festival

Catch In The Face at Mischief Festival this year! The Mischief crewdem are known for putting on bangin parties and this is guaranteed to be an absolute stormer, featuring 6 stages of everything from acoustic to hardkore.

Gash – Beyond Juke Mix

A new mix from our resident Gash, who showcases his love of juke music. Mainly focusing on how the genre has progressed, with artists taking the traditional Chicago sound and making it their own. Lots of sub bass…good speakers are a must!
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Audiobean Weakender

Audiobean are holding a weekend long rave! Come along and experience the full In The Face treatment alongside other great acts like The Parlimentalist and Santisma. While Olympian in it’s length it won’t leave you short changed as it only costs a tenner to get in. Bargain.

Releases blog

DJ Sega – Is That Your EP?

DJ Sega’s latest offering parodies the ridiculous EDM scene plaguing America right now, yet in doing so creates some pretty interesting (and hilarious) music. ‘Horny Women’ is a prime example, combining an amusing vocal sample, plus lots of shouting (wha! huh! etc…) with some breakbeats, pseudo-dubstep and of course wobble bass. Free too!
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Munchi – Skulltrap Vol I

As genre names get more and more ridiculous, Munchi decides to contribute with this hilariously titled offering, combining skullstep and trap music. Though the music is anything but, combining those awesome Limewax-esque snares with military hi-hats and industrial bass. Awesome and free-download it here (& read more about what Munchi has to say about the project)
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Mixes blog

Brock Out Mixtape 016: Hadean

With releases and remixes on Off Me Nut, Bass Hound and Mutant Bass, this is a producer who has previously stayed within the realms of heavy bass, but has branched out of late, experimenting with juke and its crossover potential with jungle and old skool hardcore. Check the steez…
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