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Yeahhbuzz – One Inch Hospital Remixes

A return to good old down and dirty bassline for Off Me Nut, who bring in Ireland’s Yeahhbuzz for a VIP of his huge track One Inch Hospital. Equally big remixes from Phatworld (silly bassline biznizz) and Kanji Kinetic (on a grime tip), plus one from our very own Gash, among others. Pay what you like…so free if you want it to be!

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Best Of KMB – Free For The 1st Time!

An absolutely awesome free collection from local(ish) label Kiss My Bass, who have been releasing their unique blend of great dubstep, breakbeat, electro house and wonky techno for years. This 8 track release spans all that and more, with tracks from Mr Vega, Filthy Rehab, Belzebass and label boss Udy, among others. How can you resist?
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Thorpey – Technofear EP

Who doesn’t like a bit of silly mashup breakcore/hardcore once in a while. This is what we get from this EP from Thorpey, who changes up his usual bassline stylings for something more breakbeat oriented. Expect cheesy piano lines, gabber kicks & many amens. Much fun, and free to boot!
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Bratkilla – 4×4 FREE EP

Bratkilla, who is normally the kind of dubstep artist that I loathe, churning out run of the mill ‘brostep’ which started flooding the market back in 09 and still doesn’t show any signs of letting up, releases a free EP of actual merit. Both tracks on here are interesting experiments of that sound, with a much more 4 to the floor feel. Downloadable here.
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